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AESDAC – Founded in 2019, the Association brings together all Indian companies, engaged in the business of stand designing and construction to advance the professional growth of the industry and to safeguard the interests of our fellow agencies.

We provide our members with resources, training and opportunities that work to enhance and elevate the profession to match global standards.


To advance the professional practice of the exhibition design and fabrication industry and create an ecosystem that educates and empowers agencies involved in the business.


AESDAC is a future-focused organization, run by its members, and for the benefit of its members, through an elected managing comittee. We serve as a meeting point for association executives and idustry professionals to meet and exchange ideas, on how to better our profession. We help guide our members and assist them in solving the problems they face both now and in the future.

AESDAC focuses on driving growth of our members by fueling smarter industry practices and leading industry change. We pledge to work together to bring set standards in Health & Safety, Work Processes, Ethics and Code of Conduct, Design and Copyrighting, and Fair Renumeration. The association will also collaborate with organizers, and other association and government organizations to ensure alignment throughout the industry.


  • Advocacy and Rights

    In the current industry scenario where there are no set standards and work practices, exhibition agencies are vulnerable to being pushed to health and safety and financial disadvantage. Arbitary new rules and industry scenarios emerge every year, which are not in the best interests of our members, and control how our agencies operate and how well they succeed. AESDAC, as an association will advocate on behalf of member agencies in accordance with our needs, and rights. We will learn about top-priority issues facing our industry, and what we can do to make a difference.

  • Training and Networking

    We believe in peer learning and the value of industry connections. Our programs and initiatives will create opportunities for agencies to learn from other industry professionals. We will facilitate training programs that advance the skills and efficiency of our members.

  • Research and Forecasting

    In this fast-changing industry, AESDAC will work towards research and forecasting industry trends, and best and most efficient practices for operations, that will allow us to stay head of the game.

  • Discounts and Deals

    AESDAC will work towards creating a variety member discount options that will offer special deals on materials and services required for our work.

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